Family Safety & Kids Self Defense

"En Garde" Family Safety & Childrens Self Defence

Our "En Garde" family safety and kids self defense program is designed to help develop the self worth, confidence, and empowerment of kids to help positively affect their attitude, behavior, and character. As a parent, it is unrealistic to expect to be physically present with our children 100% of the time. Our family safety and childrens self defence program can provide practical concepts and effective tools to help kids stay safe, even when you aren't around. We aim to remove much of the "fear mongering" elements that are present in many childrens safety programs. We teach kids that most people are good people who would never purposely hurt a child, but that there are also some dangerous people around that they need to be aware of and be able to spot and deal with properly. The reality is that about 90% of the time it's not the "creepy stranger" that victimizes a child but someone that the child actually knows.

By teaching kids how to recognise the common lures and manipulation techniques often used by predators, children emerge feeling more confident because they have a game plan and know what to do if ever in a dangerous situation. Knowing what to do is a key factor in overcoming fear.

Children that are confident and learn how to be a "hard target" are statistically much less likely to be targeted by predators and bullies. So not only will your kids know what to do if they should ever be in a dangerous situation, but the chances of them even being in that kind of situation will significantly diminish to begin with! That's great news for everybody!

Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to take part in the "En Garde" program with their kids and play an important role in the long term effectiveness of this program.

Some of what you and your kids will learn will be how to:

• Use the number one most important rule: "NEVER EVER allow someone take you to another location, no matter what, even if they have a gun or a knife."

• If someone you know wants you to go with them, ALWAYS tell your parents or guardian first, no matter what.

• Proactively deal with bullies, whether they're the one being bullied or just a bystander witnessing bullying taking place

• Verbaly de-escalate and escape from potentially dangerous situations

• How to assess a situation and make a decision about how to deal with it and get away

• Spot a predator and what to do about it

• Defend against and escape from an attempted abduction

• Use Awareness, Avoidance, and Intuition

• Overcome FEAR

• Recognize and deal with predator lures

• Stay safe if lost or separated from parents or caregiver

• Know the difference between good strangers and bad strangers

• Play fun games with your kids that help to reinforce the strategies and principles that they have learned

• Signs of, and what to do, if a child has been victimized by a bully or predator

• Know when to phone 9-1-1 and what to do once you've called

If you're not 100% sure yet, come check out the Rapid Learning Guarantee to see why you have absolutely nothing to lose! Please call me up today to set up your self defense training consultation at: 778 363 7873 (778-363-PURE) or feel free to use this convenient email contact form to get in touch with me anytime.