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Who Is Coach Andy?

There has never been a time more important than RIGHT NOW to know exactly how to protect yourself and your family from any violent attack...
Coach Andy can help you learn to do exactly that in less than 24 hours.

Andy Will Show You Exactly How To:
Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Life.

"How can I help you?"

Please call any time!
778-363-PURE [7873]
Because I'd love to talk with you, answer your questions, and help you to improve your safety, security, and self-confidence.

Andy Fanslau
Head Instructor and Owner

Coach Andy has been teaching pure, authentic, un-watered down, real-world self defense to men and women of all ages and abilities in private and corporate / workplace settings since 2011.

Almost every single one of our clients has had the opportunity to use their self protection training in their real lives to avoid, defuse, or escape potential danger; to become a hard target; or to physically defend themselves from criminal violence - in some cases after having only one or two training sessions.

Andy Fanslau is a certified Krav Maga instructor in Kelowna, BC

Coach Andy is a certified Krav Maga Close Quarters Combatives Instructor under Chad Soper who is the head of Close Quarters Combatives Survival Syndicate (CQCSS). Chad Soper is a Krav Maga Master Chief Instructor under Mourad Jaafari and Krav Maga Chief Instructor under Nir Maman.
Coach Andy has over 20 years of martial arts knowledge, and has incorprated his own life-experiences surviving real-world violence to provide a pure, holistic, well-rounded, hybrid self defense approach called 'Verus Comminus' (Verus Comminus is Latin for "true / real close-quarters combatives") that is PURE Self Defense.

Pure Self Defense is a skill that everyone should know and just about anyone can learn. It's the only self defense training you'll ever need!

If you'd like to talk to Coach Andy about training options, customization for your specific needs, scheduling, pricing, self defence curriculum, or have any other questions that you'd like to learn more about, please call, text, or email Andy today!

Check Out What People Are Saying About Pure Self Defense...

"This self defense training has been a blast! I've learned way more than I thought I would, and now that I know what I know, I believe that training with Andy is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself."

— Donald Black,
Entrepreneur, Peachland BC

"Before I left on my three month backpacking trip, I finally did something I've wanted to do for ages - I learned self defense! And I am so incredibly happy I did. It's given me a greater feeling of independence, strength, and confidence. SO grateful to Coach Andy @ Pure Self Defense for teaching and training me. If you or anyone you know could benefit from this, Andy is brilliant. Super knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly."

— Amy Smith,
LPN, Kelowna BC

"Our members at The Woman's Place Fitness in Kelowna have given us numerous positive responses and excellent feedback on their experience training with Andy. His personality and teaching style made a seemingly complex topic like personal self defence easy and enjoyable for everyone to learn and apply in a very short period of time. I would recommend this to anyone!"

— Sharon Harrison
Personal Training Team Leader
The Woman's Place Fitness Group
Kelowna, BC

"Before my first session with Andy I wasn't sure of exactly what to expect with "reality based" self defense training. All I can say is "Wow!". Andy's methodology is simple, relevant, and effective for real life. This is the real thing!"

— Gregg Stappler
Owner | Designer
West Coast Design Group
Kelowna, BC

"Andy is a great teacher and seems to really understand the concerns and threats that women face. I appreciated his down to earth teaching style and felt very comfortable with him. I really liked that he taught me more than just the "what" and "how", but also the "why". I feel much more confident in my ability to be a "hard target" to keep myself and my kids safe wherever we go. Very empowering!"

— Eniko Nordine
Kelowna, BC

Who Is Coach Andy Fanslau?

The Love of 'Martial Science' Has Been One of Coach Andy's Passions Since Childhood...

With more than two decades of martial arts experience, Andy discovered through personal experience that most martial arts systems do not prepare people for the harsh realities of real-world violence. As a result he spent years seeking, studying, and analyzing many different "real-world" and "reality-based" systems of combatives and self defense, some being more useful than others. The objective is to discover the truth and, as Bruce Lee put it, "keep what is useful, and discard what is not".

Through all this Andy has developed a very pragmatic approach to self defense that is easily learned and extremely effective. Pure Self Defence is science and function rather than art or sport. It is purposeful, efficient, and does exactly what it is supposed to - help protect regular people from criminal violance. It empowers regular everyday men and women to live confidently, imparting a "toolbox" of real-world analytic and physical tools that can be used in any situation, not just at the dojo.

John Locke called self defense the First Law Of Nature and said that, "The rights of law and self defense belong to men as men and not as members of a society".

Even though the right to defend yourself from harm is inborn and God-given, the practical application of this right is usually something that you must learn from a competent and capable teacher that genuinely cares about your success. As a knowledgeable, caring, and empathetic teacher, Andy will help make your learning experience comfortable, productive, and satisfying. Although some people may find the prospect of learning to protect themselves intimidating or even overwhelming, remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let your journey into this inspirational, life changing, and necessary life-skill begin today!

Quality, Safety, and Dedication to Our Most Important Asset... YOU!

At Pure Self Defense we are dedicated to bringing you the very best personal and corporate self defense training available. Your safety, enjoyment, and overall development as a well-rounded human being is as important to us as it is to you. We see your success as our success! Please be advised that as with any physical activity, self defense training does have inherent risks. That being said, in our opinion, the benefits of self defense training far outweigh any potential risks.

Our goal is to train you in the least amount of time possible. So, instead of focusing on situational techniques for SPECIFIC situations, Pure Self Defense gives you concepts, principles, and tools that you can use in ANY situation!

Bruce Lee Keep What Is Useful And Discard What Is Not

We Can Currently Provide you:

• Private Reality-Based Self Defense training and Private Self Protection consulting
• Private Krav Maga classes
• Custom Self Defense programs and training packages
• Short and long-term self defense programs including single workshops and ongoing self defence programs and training packages
• On-site Business, Workplace, and Corporate self defense consulting, workshops, and seminars
• On-site Self Defense and Krav Maga workshops and seminars for group training

No matter who you are, the threat of violence is part of the world in which we live - ignoring it doesn't make it go away. If you're thinking about learning how to protect yourself, consider Pure Self Defense - our reputation speaks for itself. Let us be a part of your decision to become the strongest version of yourself for life! Coach Andy will help make your learning experience comfortable, productive, and satisfying in a fun and relaxed atmosphere regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability. Please contact Pure Self Defense today!

If you feel like the prospect of learning something new and unfamiliar like self defense or Krav Maga is a bit intimidating, you are not alone. But you can't be brave without fear. One of the ways to deal with and overcome our F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) is this:

Don't deny your fear - acknowledge it. Feel the fear, and then do it anyway!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let your journey into this life-saving, life-changing, life-skill begin today!

Click HERE to talk with Coach Andy today. He will be happy to answer all of your questions, help make you feel more comfortable, and serve you in any way that you need.

You have nothing to lose... and everything to gain because YOUR results are 100% GUARANTEED!

Pure Self Defense Bullet Proof Guarantee

Private self defense consulting (self defense training, coaching, and instruction) is one of the most practical and effective ways that you can help improve your life and increase your safety, security, and self-confidence - regardless of your age or your sex.

Knowing that you can stop a larger stronger attacker gives the kind of confidence and self-assurance needed for you to be a capable, switched-on, hard-target - the kind of person who is able to recognize and avoid, walk away from, de-escalate, and deal with a threat legally, morally and ethically - and in a worst case scenario, to be able to use the tool of violence in order to save your own life or the life of someone you care about from life-threatening danger.

Call now for more real-world self defense information: 778-363-PURE [7873] or click here to email us today!

The information on this website is NOT legal advice.  For legal advice, consult a lawyer.   |   Refunds provided as program credit.   |   Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Real Self Defense That Everyone Can Use.
No Belts. No Bowing. No BS.

Pure Self Defense  -  Exactly What It Sounds Like.

Have a question or want to discuss real-world self defense training, CQC, or Krav Maga?

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