Private Self Defense Instruction

Most of the time, self defence simply comes down to situational awareness and obeying your intuition!

Self Defense is self-preservation by whatever means necessary to stop an attack. Self defense can take on many different appearances and forms; it can be simply recognizing and avoiding potential danger, verbally de-escalating and defusing a situation before it turns violent, running away, hiding, or using overwhelming physical force to neutralize an opponent and put an end to his assault as quickly as possible.

Contrary to what many may think, Self Defense and martial arts are not synonymous and interchangeable. At Pure Self Defense we respect all martial arts for many reasons, a few of these being their history, skill, discipline, conditioning, athleticism, beauty, and competitive spirit. But it must be recognized that the majority of martial arts are heavily geared towards sport fighting and competition within a relatively safe and highly regulated environment containing rules, consent, preparation, referees, etc. There tends to also be a lot of focus placed on techniques that use very complex fine motor skills that numerous studies have shown are virtually impossible to use effectively while facing extremely high levels of stress and under the effects of adrenaline. Despite these fact, most martial arts still claim to teach “self defense”. Almost anyone who has faced the veracity of real-world violence will attest to the fact that this claim is not reality and can be downright dangerous. Pure Self Defense does not teach martial arts or sport oriented fighting. Rather, we train our clients in practical, easy to adopt, and highly effective concepts, tools, and tactics that are proven to work effectively in high-risk dangerous situations and under adrenal-stress, where real violence is a genuine threat.

Pure Self Defense is available to train individuals, couples, families, friends, and co-workers. We specialize in training and coaching men, women, students, teachers, all types of professionals and lay people, law enforcement, teens, elderly persons, parents and children, and other “Regular Joe's” that are serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones from potential danger. We are a MOBILE self defense business and will come to you and train you wherever you are located, whether it’s in your home, office, church, neighborhood park, gym, or other location. Training on your own turf helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere where you can be completely focused and comfortable training without feeling self-conscious about other people that may be watching you as in a public more public environment. Pure Self Defense’ private coaching sessions create a positive learning environment, not a competitive or dangerous one. Each training session is progressive and builds on the concepts that have been previously laid out. Our private self defence training, which can include you and up to three of your friends or family members (some exceptions may be made for additional people in certain circumstances, so please contact us to discuss details), is designed specifically to meet your unique needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your effort in the shortest amount of time possible. Our private consultations focus entirely on YOU, YOUR specific needs, and what YOU desire to achieve. The benefits of private self defence instruction are enormous!

We believe that a self defense system should be personalized to suit our clients, and not the other way around. If a concept can’t be taught and learned quickly it will likely never be effective in real life or be of value to our clients. Everyone learns slightly differently, so our training methods are designed to help you learn in your own way, at your own pace, and in harmony with your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Pure Self Defense's’ physical combatives take advantage of the natural reactions and instinctive movements that are hardwired right into your body, focusing on the gross motor skills that are enhanced when adrenaline is coursing through your body rather than the fine motor skills that become nearly impossible to control and use while under the effects of adrenal stress. Virtually anyone, regardless of their sex, age, size, strength, or athletic ability can learn Pure Self Defense's principles and execute them effectively.

We are big believers in the use of Scenario Replication Training, which is shown to be one of the most effective training methods currently available and has been adopted as the prefered approach used by law enforcement and military organizations all over the globe. Scenario training is a way to realistically mimic real-life danger and induce an adrenaline dump while in a safe environment. It allows your brain to create the “files” necessary to prevail over high-pressure situations in real life.  To your brain, the scenarios seem real. Your mind knows that it has already “done this before” and can create a viable solution in a real-life situation based on the data it has experienced and stored. The intensity of the scenario replications will start at a relatively benign level and increase over time as your skill level and confidence grows.

One other important note: if at some time in your life you have been a victim of violence please know that Coach Andy is very empathetic and understanding to these sensitive issues, especially when it comes to training individuals who have suffered such trauma. Our training is confidential and anonymous, and if you should decide to share details of your experiences it will remain absolutely private and confidential.

What You Will Learn:

There are many topics that will be covered during your coaching sessions. The first few hours are typically used to lay out and practice the foundational principles and concepts of self defense. These include:

• Recognizing and Avoiding danger altogether by developing effective Awareness strategies and obeying your Intuition
• Becoming a “Hard Target” - simple and effective strategies to make yourself an undesirable target for predatory criminals
• Belief Systems and Attitude
• Fear and Panic Management
• Learning what it means to “Flip The Switch” to access your Warrior Mind & Survival Instinct
• Pre-contact Psychology and the Behavioral Roots of violence
• Use of Behavior-Psychology to Gain the Upper Hand

• Offensive Attribute Development: The physical combative tools and tactics that we teach our clients are unique, extremely simple, and absolutely devastating to your attacker – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It taps into the most primal and aggressive areas of your psyche and is, in a word, brutal. In order for these concepts have become part of our curriculum they must meet several criteria:

1. It must employ natural body mechanics and be simple to learn and use
2. It must be effective against a much larger, stronger, and enraged opponent or opponents
3. It must work in all kinds of environments
4. It must work spontaneously and not just as a series of memorized techniques

Some Additional Topics Include:

• Understanding the three main criminal types – Alpha Male, Power Predator, and Persuasion Predator
• What predators look for in a potential victim; what predatory criminals need, want, and fear, and what you can do about it.
• Verbal De-escalation and Defusion
• Principles of Physical Engagement
• Combative Tool and Target Development Utilizing Biologically Hardwired (aka "Natural") Gross Motor Movements
• Defensive Tools Using Your Body's Natural Startle-Flinch Mechanism
• Use of Realistic Scenario Replication Training
• Defending Against Common Attacks
• Dealing with Multiple Attackers
• Weapons: defenseive, offensive, and improvised
• Mental, Emotional, and Physical Fitness, Resilience, and Empowerment
• Legalities and the Use of Force Continuum: What is "Legally Justifiable Self Defense"?
• Post-contact Issues – Dealing with Police
• Defending takedowns and fighting on the ground
• Distractions and lures used by criminals
• Defending your castle from home invasion
• And Much More…

If you're not 100% sure yet, check out the Rapid Learning Guarantee to see why you have absolutely nothing to lose! Please call me up today to set up your self defense training consultation at: 778 363 7873 (778-363-PURE) or feel free to use this convenient email contact form to get in touch with me anytime.