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The Mission

Our purpose is to provide you with life-saving self defense training that is custom tailored to work with your strengths and your limitations. These Private Self Defense classes will quickly empower you to live a confident peaceful life because you'll know that you can overcome practically any threat!

Pure Self Defense Will
Save Your Life, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable, effective, and practical self defense education to private individuals, businesses / corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Pure Self Defense classes and curriculum have been designed with the average person in mind. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY TO LEARN! It is straightforward, uncomplicated, and purposefully designed to be quickly and easily learned with no prior training or athletic experience.

That said, the principles of Pure Self Defense are also tremendously beneficial to those WITH previous training and can be added to expand every martial artist's arsenal and skillset.

In order to actually work as intended, self defence classes MUST be taught and trained holistically. The mind, body, will, and emotions are a tightly knit organism. All of these aspects need to be trained in order to have optimal performance in real-life high-stress situations.

Pure Self Defense Classes I Will Win

The Primary Objectives of Pure Self Defense Classes Are To:

1.   Help you understand violence at it's roots (behaviour)

2.   Present a viable response to any particular threat in any environment

3.   Prepare you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally

4.   Provide a game-plan to improve safety, security, and self-confidence

Pure Self Defense Classes Provide You with a Customized 4-Part Game-Plan:

1.   PREVENTION via situational and environmental awareness and intuition / instincts

2.   CIRCUMVENTION via non-violent resolution using behavior, verbal de-escalation / negotiation, psychology, managing 'ego'

3.   ACTION via the use of the tool of violence to stop an attack

4.   VIRTUE via understanding and ownership of moral, ethical, and lawful values

Pure Self Defense Classes Must Enable The Average Person (male or female) To:

1.   Learn and be functional within a short period of time.

2.   Effectively stop a larger, stronger, enraged opponent.

3.   Promote emotional intelligence, critical thinking, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle.

4.   Protect themselves and their loved ones while helping to overcome fear, anxiety, and unhealthy mindsets.

Click HERE to talk with Coach Andy today. He will be happy to answer all of your questions, help make you feel more comfortable, and serve you in any way that you need.

You have nothing to lose... and everything to gain because YOUR results are 100% GUARANTEED!

Pure Self Defense Bullet Proof Guarantee

Private self defense training is one of the most practical and effective ways that you can help improve your life and increase your safety, security, and self-confidence - regardless of your age or your sex.

Knowing that you can stop a larger stronger attacker gives the kind of confidence and self-assurance needed for you to be a capable, switched-on, hard-target - the kind of person who is able to recognize and avoid, walk away from, de-escalate, and deal with a threat legally, morally and ethically - and in a worst case scenario, to be able to use the tool of violence in order to save your own life or the life of someone you care about from life-threatening danger.

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The information on this website is NOT legal advice.  For legal advice, consult a lawyer.   |   Refunds provided as program credit.   |   Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Real Self Defense That Everyone Can Use.
No Belts. No Bowing. No BS.

Pure Self Defense  -  Exactly What It Sounds Like.

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