Effective Self Defense: Key Principles

The following are some of the key principles of effective self defence taught by Coach Andy at Pure Self Defense...

• Recognize and Avoid Dangerous Situations through Awareness, following your Intuition (aka your "gut feeling"), and by becoming a "Hard Target". This should never ever be confused with "fearfulness" or "paranoia". It should be understood as simply going about your daily life in a state of relaxed alertness. Once you have learned these skills you will walk away feeling empowered and encouraged, and have an improved outlook and understanding of life!

• Keep things simple and uncomplicated by taking advantage of your body's natural reactions and body mechanics such as the startle/flinch reaction and gross motor movements.

• When all other options have failed and a physical response is required, the best defense is a spectacular offense. Every movement should be with purpose and aggression intent on finishing your enemy so they cannot continue their assault and then making your escape. In the words of Geoff Thompson, "Do your worst, fast and first!".

• Violent crime is almost always driven by EMOTION. Therefore, it is the emotion that we are defending against. Ultimately, the actual physical element used is irrelevant. This concept can be difficult for some people to understand without ever having experienced a real life-threatening violent encounter. The failure of most martial art and self defense systems to recognize this fact is why most of them look like they should work IN THEORY, but in reality end up failing. This can cost people not only their dignity but even their very lives.

• Always Be Closing Distance and Constant Forward Drive - These two principles work hand-in-hand. Distance gives your attacker options and opportunity, remove this "buffer-zone" and you eliminate many of his options. Take his space explosively, violently, and without reprieve. Wherever your opponent is where you want to be. Take away his will to continue.

• Get your opponent off balance while maintaining your own balance.

• Closest Weapon, Closest Target - Use your closest available weapon against your opponents closest viable target

• Economy of Motion - Don't do something just for the sake of doing it. Don't waste energy. Have a purpose for everything you do.

• Primary Targets - Your enemy's most vulnerable targets: Eyes, Throat/Neck, Groin, Knees. Or remember the acronym "B.E.N.T.": Balls - Eyes - Nose - Throat.

• Tactile Sensitivity - Interpreting your opponents movements and the direction of his energy / momentum via the sense of physical touch.

• Non-telegraphic Movement - Telegraphing is is when you unintentionally alert your opponent as to what you are about to do. Never give away your intent. This can be things like loading / drawing back your shot, dropping your shoulder, taking an unneeded step, facial expressions, etc.

• Extreme Close Quarters Offensive Tools and Tactics - Development and execution of savage, animalistic, gross motor combative tools and psychological control tactics.

• Use of behaviour-psychology to gain the upper hand.

• In the words of Bruce Lee, "Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, add what is uniquely your own".

Everyone is uniquely different - body types, strengths and weaknesses, life experiences, and ways of seeing a given situation. We all move differently and think differently, so how could it possibly be reasonable to expect that everyone would somehow manage to do battle in the very same way? What may be extremely effective for one person may be utterly useless for another. Is it reasonable to expect a 105 pound woman or teenager to move in the same way and have the same physical strength as a 250 pound man? Not quite! We direct each of our clients in the discovery of what works best for them and to discard the things that do not. There are no "cookie-cutter" one-size-fits-all solutions. There are basic PRINCIPLES and CONCEPTS that flow across the board, but the application will always be unique from one person to the next. Rather than just presenting a bunch of "techniques" that can only be used in specific situations, we provide you with the tools and analytic skills that you can use in any situation. Pure Self Defense goes beyond the outdated ideology of "if he does this then you do that" used in most martial arts. We provide concepts that are useful no matter what the situation brings.

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