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Principles of Pure Self Defense

Rather than teaching you hundreds of situational "techniques" for SPECIFIC situations, Pure Self Defense provides tools, concepts, and principles that you can use in ANY situation. This approach allows you to learn a lot more in a lot less time and be able to use it in real-life situations.

'Hard Target' Mens and Womens Self Defense:
Awareness + Intuition - Avoidance - Action!

Some Key Principles For Both
Womens Self Defense & Self Defense For Men


1.   Help you understand violence at it's roots (behaviour)

2.   Present a viable response to any particular threat in any environment

3.   Prepare you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally

4.   Provide a game-plan to improve safety, security, and self-confidence

Soft Skills Gameplan


Self Defense Soft Skills Game Plan - Becoming A Hard Target

• Always be pro-active - ACTION is faster than REACTION.

• Practice being Switched On and in a relaxed state of alertness at all times.

• The foundation of your day-to-day gameplan is 'AAA': Awareness and Intuition - Avoidance - Action.

• Always trust you instincts. Your gut tells the truth. DENIAL and APATH are the enemy of your intuition.

• Always be situationally aware - never allow yourself to be switched-off. Distraction is the enemy of your awareness.

• Ego defense, escalation, and provocation is NEVER self defense.


• No matter how much training you have you can still be maimed, killed, or locked up.

• Use soft skills to avoid dangerous situations - Avoid, Defuse, or Escape a situation as soon as you recognize there is danger.

• Always be polite and courteous, even when the other person doesn't deserve it.

• Verbally Defuse, De-escalate, Negotiate {Use 'TACOS' - DO NOT:  Threaten - Argue - Challenge - Order - Shame)

De-escalation TACOS - Do Not Threaten, Argue, Challenge, Order, or Shame

• Offense is not given - it's taken. MANAGE YOURSELF. Nothing is personal - it's just information.

• Always give the other person a way out whereby they can save face - try apologizing and giving a compliment.

• Don't do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people. If you play stupid games you'll win stupid prizes.

• DON'T BE AN A**HOLE! If you provoke or escalate a situation you no longer have the legal standing to claim 'self defence'.


Understanding the difference between Social Agression (ego / status) and Asocial Violence (predatory) - how they differ and how to recognize and deal with them is vital.

Understanding the differences in the primary threats faced by men vs. the primary threats faced by women.

• Women are on average more at risk of predatory threats or violence.

• When a man attacks a woman it is typically predatory. The attacker will often try to get very close to her to overpower her and push, grab, or drag her to the ground, often while holding a weapon to threaten her with. Strikes, hair-dragging, and choking are often a part of the assault. There is around an 80% chance that the victim knows her attacker. Women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted or raped then men are. But men are still regularily sexually assaulted and raped.

Womens Self Defense - Woman being followed be Asocial predatory threat

• When a man attacks another man it is statistically very likely to be ego/status related, and that it will be with multiple punches to the head, usually starting with a sucker punch. It can include hockey-style grabbing of the shirt and rapid piston-punching the face, headlocks, and other strikes like headbutts, knees, kick to the groin, and an attack with a weapon. But the most common by far is a right looping or straight punch to the head. Men are more likely to be assaulted or murdered by a stranger than women are.

Self Defense for Men - men ego-based street fight assault on concrete

Hard Skills Gameplan


Self Defense Hard Skills Game Plan - Usine the tool of violence

"Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is the answer, it's the ONLY answer." ~Tim Larkin

• If you have no other reasonable option other than to use the tool of violence, then use it well. As Geoff Thompson is famous for saying, "Do your worst, fast and first!"

• Understand that violent crime is driven by EMOTION. Therefore, whether we are talking about womens self defence or self defence for men, it is the emotion that you are defending against. The specific physical attack is incidental. This concept can be difficult for some people to understand without having experienced a real life-threatening violent attack. The failure of most martial art and self defense systems to recognize this reality is why many of them look like they should work IN THEORY, but in reality they end up failing.

• Take advantage of your natural body mechanics and reactions such as the startle / flinch reaction and gross motor movements so that you don't have to waste time re-learning all new movements.

Always Be Closing Distance and Constant Forward Drive. These two principles work hand-in-hand. Distance gives your attacker options and opportunity. When you remove this 'buffer-zone' you eliminate his options. Take his space explosively, violently, and without reprieve or hesitation. Wherever your opponent is, that where you want to be. Take away his will to continue. Either be ALL IN or ALL OUT - close the distance or escape to safety.

• Get your opponent off balance while maintaining your own balance.

• Use angles and movement.

• Use of behaviour and psychology to gain the upper hand.

• Extreme Close Quarters Offensive Tools and Tactics - Development and execution of savage, animalistic, gross motor combative tools and psychological control tactics.

There are 5 physical retaliation principles that, when applied well, enable the user to overcome and stop larger, stronger, enraged opponents quickly and effectively - typically in just seconds.


Pure Self Defense Classes I Will Win

• Non-Telegraphic Movement

• Opportunity Striking

• Economy of Motion

• Tactile Sensitivity

• Primary Target Acquisition

The startle-to-flinch response is a consistent and reliable physiological process that acts as a protective defense mechanism.

It's one of the reasons why people end up with defensive wounds on their hands and arms after being attacked with a knife even though they have no training, or why a person that has gone through a windshield during a car accident sustains damage to their arms and hands - we instinctively startle and flinch to try and protect ourselves, especially our head and neck.

When attacking your attacker with retaliatory strikes, the time between your strikes should be as small as possible in order to offer your opponent minimal opportunity to reflexively react and defend against YOUR attack - like an angry tornado. One of the primary purposes of the 5 Principles is to bypass the startle-to-flinch mechanism, thereby making it much more difficult for the other person to defend themselves from your attack, which allows you to stop them quickly and get yourself to safety.

The 5 Possible Reactions that humans have immediately after being hit are:

• Closes In and Clinches / Grabs Onto You

• Pushes / Moves Away From You

• Counter Strikes

• Falls / Gets Knocked Down

• Stands There, looks at you and says something like, "Is that all you got?"

Pure Self Defense Classes I Will Win

Learning Self Defense

In the words of Bruce Lee, "Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, add what is uniquely your own."

Everyone is uniquely different - body types, strengths and limitations, life experiences, and ways of seeing and interpreting a given situation.

We all move and think differently. So how could it possibly be reasonable to expect that everyone would somehow manage to defend themselves in the very same way? What may be effective for one person may be useless for another. Is it reasonable to expect a 110 pound woman or teenager to move in the same way and have the same physical strengths as a 245 pound man?

There are no 'cookie-cutter' one-size-fits-all solutions. Pure Self Defense directs each client into the discovery of what works most effectively for them. There are basic PRINCIPLES and CONCEPTS that flow universally, but the application will always be unique from one person to the next.

Rather than just presenting a bunch of 'techniques' that can only be used in specific situations, Pure Self Defense provides you with the tools and analytic skills that you can use in any situation. Pure Self Defense goes beyond the outdated ideology of 'if he does this then you do that' used in most martial arts and 'self defense programs'. We will provide you with concepts that are useful no matter what the situation you are in brings.

Bruce Lee - Keep what is useful, discard what is not

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Private self defense training is one of the most practical and effective ways that you can help improve your life and increase your safety, security, and self-confidence - regardless of your age or your sex.

Knowing that you can stop a larger stronger attacker gives the kind of confidence and self-assurance needed for you to be a capable, switched-on, hard-target - the kind of person who is able to recognize and avoid, walk away from, de-escalate, and deal with a threat legally, morally and ethically - and in a worst case scenario, to be able to use the tool of violence in order to save your own life or the life of someone you care about from life-threatening danger.

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